The wheels have come off the GOP’s wagon

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Once upon a time the tea party was fairly relevant.  Not any more.  Once upon a time Republicans were turning themselves inside out to try to tame a supremely popular President they both feared and hated, a President who was willing, once upon a time, to do a little stretching to accommodate both sides of the aisle.  Not any more.

Cruz filibuster

America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists – which is exactly why President Obama is spot on when he said that he won’t negotiate with Republicans over the debt ceiling, will not grant them anything on their “wish list” (which consists of all of Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan’s plans and policies, with a little pot-sweetener of “major perks for coal companies and Wall Street banks, alongside healthcare and social service cuts and a one-year delay in the implementation of Obamacare”).

“I will not negotiate on anything when it comes to the full faith and credit of the United States of America.”

President Obama went on to say, “No Congress before this one has ever, ever, in history, been irresponsible enough to threaten default, to threaten an economic shutdown, to suggest America not pay its bills, just to try to blackmail a president into giving them some concessions on issues that have nothing to do with a budget . . . we’re not a deadbeat nation, we don’t run out on our tab . . . .”

As President Obama correctly noted, Republicans are engaged in an “unprecedented effort” to scorch the earth in order to get their way on “completely unrelated policy items.”  They’re terrified that the Affordable Care Act will go over big with Americans; even Ted Cruz conceded that they have a limited window of time to derail Obamacare before people, you know, like it, and it becomes too politically toxic for Republicans to try to strip them of it.

President Obama has set his heels:

“We’re not going to submit to this kind of total irresponsibility.  Congress needs to pay our bills on time. Congress needs to pass a budget on time. Congress needs to put an end to governing from crisis to crisis. Our focus as a country should be on creating new jobs and growing our economy and helping young people learn, and restoring security for hard-working middle-class families . . . If Republicans do not like the law, they can go through the regular channels and processes to try to change it. That’s why we have elections.”




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  1. avatar Keith Evans

    One quality I’ve found almost universally consistent among this new breed of far right voters is a complete misunderstanding of how government, and many other things, works. They also seem to disregard the affects of political action, remaining singularly focussed upon buzz words and slogans. They never want to hear what the downstream affect of their desired actions mean to anyone, including themselves. Don’t try to tell them that SNAP benefits return almost twice the investment in economic activity directly at the local and community level. Don’t talk to them about how a political ploy may undermine the democratic process and subvert the entire purpose of the separation of powers. None of that will be acknowledged, must less considered with any logical processing.

    These are the people who believe that there is a global conspiracy afoot to enslave them, and to remove their guns and religions. They are more likely to view President Obama as the anti Christ, conjured into power by the hand of Satan, than a President duly elected by the will of a majority of Americans. As long as they don’t view any ideology except their own as having any legitimacy, either morally or legally, they feel no constraints to operate within any parameters of reason or tradition. Any cost is acceptable if it forwards their imagined agenda, and the concept of fairness or constitutionality is moot, in spite of their continued espousing of both.

    If even one of their demands is met, the entire procedural dynamics of our government will be forever changed. There are established procedures for submitting and passing legislation, as well as for repealing existing legislation. Those procedures have been attempted by their representative to repeal the Affordable Care Act forty one times, and have failed an equal number of times to garner constitutionally required support in the separate branches of our government. Should the slim majority in one branch be successful in subverting this process and obtain even the slightest ground on their demands there will be no stopping point which will be considered too far to cross. Every piece of legislation of the last century will be fair game for them. With Social Security and Medicare obviously in their sights, along with every regulation of business and most of the tax code, giving to any single demand, regardless of how slight, forever changes our government.

    There is a solid and pragmatic reason that we refuse negotiations with hostage takers and terrorists, and that is because it would encourage future hostage takers and terrorists. President Obama, and every member of congress who respects our country, should view this tactic similarly, and refuse to even discuss the demands. We can only hope that the majority of voters have the knowledge base in constitutional procedure to see this effort for what it is and punish it’s perpetrators properly.


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