John McCain’s blind fury

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Wow, is it true that Senator John McCain, former presidential candidate John McCain, former presidential candidate John McCain who picked Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, is criticizing President Obama for potentially appointing someone “not qualified” to be Secretary of State?

Takes a lot of gall, and a boatload of revisionist history, to go there.

John McCain has been spouting off on any talk show that will have him about the “incompetence” of the Obama Administration in its handling of the Benghazi attack (for a more complete timeline of McCain’s misplaced accusations, ThinkProgress has it here) – and, in particular, Susan Rice’s initial statements about the assault on our Embassy.  John McCain has been spouting off that “the American people deserve the truth.”  John McCain has been spouting off that Susan Rice is “not being very bright.”

McCain has become unstable and dangerous, and it all stems from his bitterness – and desperate desire for vengeance – because “that one” beat him in 2008, and beat another one just as unpalatable in 2012.  McCain has, apparently, shouldered the load for the entire, bitter, has-been Republican old guard and is acting out its collective hissy fit by viciously targeting Susan Rice and, by extension, the Obama Administration.

But if McCain wants to talk incompetence, we’ll be glad to have that conversation – it would seem that the definition of “incompetence” is choosing a running mate who bases her foreign policy expertise on her ability to lay her eyeballs on Russia from her house.  If he wants to talk about truth-telling, what the American people are entitled to know, he might have begun with the truth about his running mate’s lack of mastery of anything smacking of intellectual, her wacky religious beliefs, and her flirtation with the Alaska Secessionist Party.  If he wants to talk about intelligence, the bachelors degree his vice presidential running mate finally received after six years and five colleges pales in comparison to Susan Rice’s Phi Beta Kappa status at Stanford, and the fact that Rice was a Rhodes scholar, earning both a Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy at New College, Oxford.  The closest Sarah Palin has ever gotten to a philosophical thought is whether moose is better grilled or fried.

If John McCain were seriously concerned about Benghazi, and not just carrying the mantle of vengeance for the Republican Party, he would have attended the briefing on Benghazi instead of blowing it off to hold a press conference to smear President Obama and Susan Rice.  Stumbling, bumbling, and furious, he bears no resemblance to the war hero and statesman he’s been reputed to be; instead, he more closely resembles Mitt Romney in the wake of the 9/11 Benghazi attack.  Both Romney and McCain rushed to judgment; both Romney and McCain chose to push their own version of “facts” in advance of reality; both Romney and McCain found more comfort in smearing the President than treating the Benghazi attacks as something requiring careful consideration before issuing public statements.

John McCain has such a seething, white hot hatred of President Obama that he is willing to risk any credibility he has left to damage him.  McCain has apparently forgotten that he defended former Secretary of State Condi Rice against the same attacks he’s now leveling against Susan Rice.  As the noted (while awarding McCain two Pinocchios for his Rice accusations), “Given that McCain was so quick to excuse Condi Rice for making remarks of much greater import, it seems rather unsporting to quickly rush to judgment and mischaracterization in the case of Susan Rice.”

This isn’t the 2008 election, which Republicans lost, and this isn’t the 2012 election, which Republicans also lost.  There will be no impeachment of President Obama over Benghazi, no matter how cozy and thrilling the thought is to the right-wing establishment.  And what there also won’t be is any redemption for Republicans any time in the future if they continue to let this jaded old man, and others like him, be the standard-bearers for their party.

Look at John McCain today, and you’ll realize that blind fury is a very real thing.


4 Responses to “John McCain’s blind fury”

  1. avatar sammy

    mccain is on mission to discredit obama in any manner available rather than do what’s best for country at this moment.
    mccain better served to help solve fiscal cliff crisis because that higher priority for country than him attacking rice.
    maybe he’s reliving past again and cant let go or accept that obama beat “him” again.
    yes, mccain is honored warrior but country needs leaders now who can work together to solve critical problems facing country.
    mccain, give it up…..adept or died….stop rice nonsense because you look like old fool chasing to even score with obama that you lost in past.

  2. avatar Ocanannain

    Powerful, succinct, brilliantly written article! Thanks.

  3. avatar jacqueline morris

    McCain is just a nasty angry old white guy- who can’t stand the fact that the black man- who is 100 times more intelligent – kicked his ass. He’s senile, and he’s a good example of why there s/b term limits in Congress~!!!!


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