Yes, Romney would restrict contraceptive access and yes, he is lying when he denies it

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One of the reasons, in my view, that Mitt Romney is gaining some traction in this campaign – and hasn’t totally tanked, despite his disastrous overseas visit, his outsourcing of jobs at Bain Capital, his “47%” speech – is because Americans are in a place of suspended disbelief:  It’s hard for most of us to comprehend that a candidate would not only fudge the info, but would outright lie in the most extreme, shameless, blatant way that the Romney-Ryan ticket is lying.  So some Americans, who are trying so hard to find a reason to jump on the Romney bandwagon, are looking at him through their rosies.

Look, we all know that politics is politics – but a total disregard for the truth, repeatedly, speaks to bad moral character.  And Romney has shown himself to have bad, bad moral character.  And shown himself to be a very gifted, very smooth liar.  (And Tagg, if you’re reading, you’re welcome to come on down and take a swing at me.)

Let’s talk contraceptives.  Rachel Maddow took on this issue, which you can watch here, but I’ll paraphrase:  At the second debate, Romney backed away from his previous stance that employers should be able to deny contraceptive coverage under health insurance plans for religions and “moral” reasons, telling American viewers earnestly, “I don’t believe that bureaucrats in Washington should tell someone whether they can use contraceptives or not, and I don’t believe employers should tell someone whether they can have contraceptive care or not . . . Every woman in America should have access to contraceptives . . . .”  (Emphasis added)

Really?  Funny thing about that:  When the Obama Administration reached a compromise on the contraceptive mandate, exempting religious institutions (but not religious-affiliated entities) from providing contraceptive coverage as required under the Affordable Care Act, Romney called it “an assault on religious conviction,” and then doubled down, saying, “I find it extraordinary that [President Obama] feels he can tell the Catholic Church what they have to provide for their employees, including devices and instruments they find contrary to their conscience . . . .”

The Romney camp even ran an ad declaring the contraceptive mandate under the ACA a “war on religion.”  Mitt Romney’s position on contraceptive coverage is and always has been unequivocal, and the ad clearly states, “President Obama used his health care plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith . . . Mitt Romney believes that’s wrong.”

Ever hear of the Blunt Amendment?  The Blunt Amendment (artfully tacked on to a highway bill and killed (thankfully) in the Senate in March 2012), in short, “would have allowed not only religious groups but any employer with moral objections to opt out of the coverage requirement. And it would have allowed such employers to do so in the case of not only contraception but any health service required by the 2010 health-care law.”  (Emphasis added.)

And here Romney is, telling a radio host that of course he supports the Blunt Amendment.

Contraceptive coverage for all under the Affordable Care Act is a “war on religion,” said Romney.  Oh wait, no, Romney told us emphatically at the second debate, everybody should have access to contraceptives, and neither the government nor an employer should dictate that.  Oh wait, Romney said, I forgot, I do support the Blunt Amendment.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me every time you open your mouth, and your credibility on everything – literally everything, from taxes to faith to your fairy tale marriage – circles down the drain.



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  1. avatar RoughAcres

    Let us not forget that… at this moment in time, on the Supreme Court, there are five Catholics… who also happen to be among the MOST conservative Justices. That’s called a “Majority,” folks.

    If they all believe (as Mr. Ryan puts it) “Our faith informs us in everything we do,” and if Romney and Ryan are elected, then The United States of America is about to become the western branch of the Roman Catholic Church; its heretical liturgy, The Church of the Latter-Day Saints; and its historical reformists, from Protestant to Evangelical.

    I say this in all seriousness.

    Romney/Ryan would re-introduce “Personhood” Laws (Ryan already tried; they failed) — and this time, under that President and Vice President, it will likely pass and be rubber-stamped by the Supreme Court.

    Which will mean women would never be free again, since science has yet to give her a tab like a Thanksgiving turkey, letting her know when it’s “done.” Want a drink? You might be pregnant, sorry. Want a toke? Welcome to “Premeditated murder” if you spontaneously abort (as many millions of fetuses do in the early days… nature’s way of preventing unviable pregnancies). Want to work? Well… as Mr. Romney stated (I’m sure a Freudian slip), “If women are going to work….”

    Say goodbye to your Free Will.

    They keep calling this President a “Muslim” – but guess whose agenda looks more like Reverend King, and which an Arab potentate’s harem – or a Mormon polygamy?

    You say you believe in a God… you say you believe He gave us Free Will. ALL of us, not just the men.

    If you are thinking of voting for Mr. Romney… why are you denying Him now? Remember the young Arab girl who nearly gave her life for the right to learn??? She’s fighting for it, at this very minute…… and you’re ready to give it away, to give someone else power over your own body and will. That’s slavery.

    But with this Supreme Court – the one which says corporations are people – would find that ridiculous, right? That’s what we thought about a lot of things.

    Oh… and if you’re above child-bearing age? You have nieces. And granddaughters. And female friends. And female acquaintances. People you care about.

    Don’t you?


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