Paul Ryan “goes rogue” with death panel scare

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Sarah Palin has advised the Romney-Ryan ticket to “go rogue.”  Seeing how well “going rogue” worked out for Palin, I’d heartily advise the ticket to take that advice.

Unleashing Paul Ryan would seem to be the first step in the whole going rogue thing, since we’ve already seen that when Romney’s unleashed, he doesn’t go rogue, he goes brain dead.  Taking a page out of Palin’s playbook, Ryan tried to scare Florida seniors with the worn-out notion of “death panels” under Obamacare.

Via Think Progress:

“QUESTION: We love you Paul. But I’m getting long in years. Will you address the death panels that we’re going to have?

RYAN: The death panels, well! That’s not the word I’d choose to use to describe it. It’s actually called. It’s actually called, so in Medicare, what I refer to as this board of 15 bureaucrats. It’s called the Independent Payment Advisory Board. It sounds fairly innocuous.”


Ah, the scary Independent Payment Advisory Board, a/k/a IPAB, a/k/a “death panels” and “health care rationing” in Republican circles.  The Republican scare tactics invoke the image of a group of 15 people sitting in a darkened room with Darth Vader masks, making decisions about who lives or dies like some sort of Kurt Vonnegut novel.

Except for a few things:  The IPAB has no authority until 2015; the IPAB’s powers are solely limited to Medicare and will only be invoked “if growth in health-care costs exceeds a certain target”; and “the board cannot push changes in benefits or cost-sharing.”

Broken down, there’s no death panel, there’s no “bureaucrat” making life-or-death decisions for seniors, and if Congress does its job and keeps savings down elsewhere, the IPAB Board will be out of work.

Republicans are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things.  As we’ve seen over and over and over again in the past, Republicans have no problem creating hysteria among seniors by appealing to fear, invoking fictional accounts of an ominous future for seniors if they don’t vote for the party that will shield them from these Democrat-driven “death panels.”

Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.  Which is why the Romney-Ryan ticket is behind in battleground states – and which is why President Obama can garner star power like baseball star Hank Aaron to campaign for him, while the Republicans’ star power consists of an aging movie actor mumbling to an empty chair.




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  1. avatar RailroadMike

    This lad is a little out of touch. The Death Panels has been around for about 50 years; they call it in the insurance industry “Prexisting Conditions’. I know full well how it works. You pay in to a health insruance company for 17 years, a doctor looks at a lump on your wifes breast and tells her forget about it, 7 months later they remove the breast and tell you its a prexisitng condition after the new doctor recommends Chemo. After an 8 month fight and delay she gets the Chemo and six months later your at her funeral. Mr Ryan needs to find another line of work like a dog catcher.


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