Exploring the bright side of rape with Mike Huckabee and Todd Akin

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English: Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee at a fundraiser for United States Senate candidate Rand Paul in Versailles, Kentucky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin has caused a political firestorm with his volatile comments about the issue of “legitimate rape.” The backlash has been so severe that some Republicans, including presidential nominee Mitt Romney, are demanding that Akin end his campaign for the U.S. Senate, but a defiant Akin ignored the first deadline refusing to drop out of the race.

In a recent interview, Akin said: “It seems to me, first of all, what I understand from doctors is that’s really where, if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Now the criticism of Akin is well deserved, because his ridiculous, rape induced, vaginal shut down, defense mechanism theory is almost too pathetic to be taken seriously, but these things have to be taken seriously, because the Republicans seem to have real, misogynistic intentions of dictating to the vagina. There is a rarely heard saying down in the Bible Belt that conservatives like to use amongst each other that declares that whoever can control what comes out of the vagina will ultimately control who or what might be considered to go into the vagina—which is just a backdoor pathway that leads back to the kitchen and the bedroom!

But my question is this. How is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee getting away with what he said during his interview with Akin? Just because he is not running for office should not give him a free pass to be just as appalling, and the fact that he has mostly skated untouched is deplorable. Where is the national media?

Mike Huckabee was my governor for about 11 years in the state of Arkansas, and I always considered him to be just a tad smarter and slightly more cognitively independent than the rest of the GOP, wolf pack, but that’s obviously not the case. While interviewing Todd Akin
on his radio show as he was attempting to showcase his politically apologetic walk back of his controversial comments, Huckabee decided to chime in with his masculine expertise on the issue of rape.

First Huckabee said: “Ethel Waters, for example, was the result of a forcible rape.”
Then he also said: “I used to work for James Robison back in the 1970s. He leads a large Christian organization. He was the result of a forcible rape. Even from those horrible, horrible tragedies of rape which are inexcusable and indefensible, life has come, and sometimes those people are able to do extraordinary things.”

Now there is a wow moment courtesy of Huckabee. No one will ever accuse his glass of being half empty—talk about Mr. Optimism! If you can find the bright sided, silver lining in a rape, you should be able to see the upside of anything. You have to work very hard to get on the wrong side of the rape issue, but the Republicans and the conservatives are making it look easy with their backdoor, policy draft to try and overturn Roe vs. Wade. It’s too bad that optimistic Mike Huckabee can’t find a way to have more of a bright side on the issue of gay marriage. It’s very probable that homosexuality has created its fair share of extraordinary people too.

Mike Huckabee has some nerve to park his conservative, supercilious ass behind a microphone and entertain the notion that the possibility of creating an extraordinary offspring can somehow remove some of the traumatic baggage that accompanies a rape.

Get real Huckabee! If women want a chance to produce extraordinary offspring, they shouldn’t have to seek out a rape to achieve it. A normal relationship or In Vitro Fertilization is just as capable of producing the same extraordinary result without nearly as much stress as the forcible alternative.

And what about the flip side Huckabee, because a rape pregnancy like a normal pregnancy can always produce an Adolf Hitler or a Jim Jones just as easily as it can produce an Ethel Waters? Huckabee can try to spin it anyway that he wants, but a rape is just bad, and there is no other way to put it. Even if someone could produce the next Albert Einstein, who would volunteer to be raped just to be in that position?

What if someone asked Huckabee if he would volunteer to be raped if it meant that his daughter would produce the next Ethel Waters? Or, if an African-American like myself could provide favorable, genetic odds of producing the next President Barack Obama or the next Herman Cain, would Huckabee still be able to find the bright side of rape—knowing that his daughter or any other female in his family was about to be legitimately raped just to have the chance of producing an extraordinary offspring?

And furthermore, maybe someone should ask a woman who has been raped and had the child from that rape about the so-called bright side of rape, because a woman can provide a more honest perspective than the scripted, talking points of the conservative, predominately White, male agenda!

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6 Responses to “Exploring the bright side of rape with Mike Huckabee and Todd Akin”

  1. avatar Badweather

    Thanks for writing this. These people are disgusting and it’s difficult even replying to their insanity but it must be done.

  2. avatar Badweather
  3. avatar vicki trusselli

    i was raped at 16 and it was not funny. i fortunately did not get pregnant. i told no one about it and it has been with me my whole life within my subconscious. i did have a baby at 17 but that was consent and i had to give my baby up for adoption. that was also with me throughout my whole life. i went through two horrific experiences: one at age 16 and one at age 17. i had a relative try to force himself on me as well and i had to fight him off. i do not want to go back to the closet days of rape and adoption out of a baby and keep a secret nor do i want to go back to the closet abortion days where women that the rich call poor white trash because they are not millionaires and the women had coat hanger abortions. this is a cover up for the evil that these men are doing and a control and fascist and male chauvinist pig attitude. the women that follow this are sheep and that is the way i see it. i am 62 and retired now.i still remember. i have done many things in my lifetime as an aritist. when i moved to texas from cali about 10 years ago i found out that my relatives had thought i was on drug for 32 years and did not evven know i had a college degree and worked in movie production. that is sad. my illegetimate son found me and we had been talking for many years but his mom that raised him did not want him to meet me. he told me so we never got very close in cali or in texas where he lives. then as an artist i post music and i am very political. his wife wrote me in facebook and said i was on drugs and had substance abuse problems and never made any sense to my illegetimate son. i was very hurt. then she told me i had not been honest with him about his father. i was crying and told her to have a nice life. she was blaming me for giving my son up when i had no choice at 17. so whether the lies of the conservatives tell the truth it is highly unlikely and they tell lies just as my so called relatives did and my illegitimate sons wife all in the name to hide their closet intentions. it is not about me because i know there are other women out there that were raised in the 50s 60s 70s who have had a similar experience. we can not go back to when men could force himself on a woman and get away with it rape is rape. just like salt is salt. the soapbox is open and i am stepping off mine.

  4. avatar Dave Kilby

    The only reason Todd Akin is in trouble with his fellow Republicans because he had the audacity to say out loud what the party line is.

    Check out “The Repuglican War on Women” on “Grumbles From an Old Grouch” (grumblesfromanoldgrouch.com). You’ll be amazed (and a bit frightened) how many anti-women bills Todd Akin and Paul Ryan co-sponsored.

  5. avatar stop rape

    I had a friend who found out that his conception was the result of a violent rape and it really fucked him up. He kept on wondering if he was going to turn out like his father. He had such a horrible adolescence, full of violence and drugs. I don’t know where he is now.

  6. avatar Eurodita garden houses

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